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Tomatometers=8,4 of 10 Star /
writed by=Ronald Bronstein /
genre=Thriller /
movie Info=In New York City's chaotic and corrupt diamond market, the gemstone dealer and gambling addict, Howard Ratner, is owing money to almost everyone, including his brother-in-law, Arno. A serial adulterer, incorrigible gambler, and all-around con artist, Howard thinks he can finally get out of the tight spot when he gets his hands on a block of rare Ethiopian black opal–the means to clear his ever-rising debts. But, the star Boston Celtics player, Kevin Garnett, has already taken a shine to the precious uncut gem. Can Ratner juggle his family, a pair of thuggish collectors, his work, and his master plan before things get nasty?

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Adam Sandler is a blessing in a very, very good disguise. We know him for his lower-than-low-brow comedy movies and super funny lisping, forgetting that a gifted dramatic actor hides behind the clown face (don’t be fooled by the fact that his latest film starts with a colonoscopy, which at first glance feels very Sandler indeed.
He was given a chance at reinventing himself as an “actor for grown-ups” with Punch-Drunk Love, I suppose, but that was still a take on his familiar idiot-character (albeit a much better, more sympathetic, and more three-dimensional take) and he still found his way back to Happy Madison potty humor. After the Safdie brothers’ Uncut Gems, however, he might just get to play with the big boys full-time and even score his first Oscar.
This is the latest stress-inducing and highly immersive crime thriller from the fellas behind Good Time (one of my favorite films of 2017, although a retroactive addition to my 2017 listicle. Just as Good Time proved that R-Patz can act superbly, although his performance in Twilight insisted on quite the contrary, the Safdie brothers want us to reconsider Sandler next.
The year is 2012. Howard Ratner (Sandler) is a Jewish Diamond District jeweler struggling to pay off gambling debts to his loan shark brother-in-law (Eric Bogosian) and his addiction worsens the situation at several points in the film. There are many twists, turns, and gruesome backfirings that never make the 2 and a half-hour film feel boring even once. Howard’s decisions are at points irrational, but it works within the story as his incessant addiction problems are so believable – and, dare I say, relevant.
Much of the story revolves around an Ethiopian gemstone that Howard lends to NBA player Kevin Garnett, played by himself, but we’re also made to understand Howard’s domestic situation. He is not yet fully divorced from his wife (Idina Menzel) but nonetheless dates a much younger woman (Julia Fox) which he’s about as transparent with as his shady history with the brother-in-law. The latter woman also knows The Weeknd, played also by himself, who she thinks is gonna be really big one day.
But back to Howard, who is scarcely the year’s most loveable character. Mind you, this isn’t a flaw of the film, which never expects us to love him anyway, when it succeeds at something more crucial: creating a wholly believable human being and making us forget that he is a performer reading scripted lines. Every location in the film feels similarly real, with endlessly chattering side characters who never come off as obvious extras or supporting actors. Still, we know who the real star is here.
This may be Adam Sandler’s all-time finest performance and he perfectly communicates the anxiety and chaos of the Safdie brothers’ crime-thriller style. Adding to that distinct “Safdie brothers” personality is a constant “closeness” to the messy world we’ve entered (thanks to the often intimate photography) an avant-garde electronic score by Oneohtrix Point Never, and kaleidoscopic visuals made all the more gleaming from being shot on 33-millimeter film. The prismatic colors may be thematically appropriate; think of how light refracts through a gemstone. Even the clothes and set designers are being immaculate with the color schemes here.
Finally, much like Good Time, this is one of the most thoroughly unpredictable and original additions to the yearly catalog. The Safdies seem experts at having things go from bad to worse in stressful but riveting ways. I already want to see their next film! Let’s see which other actors they’ll rescue from being eternally lumped in with the shlockbusters. If one can go from Little Nicky to this, much is possible.

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