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countries=Czech Republic

synopsis=The nations release the substance CW-7 with the intention of controlling global warning, but accidentally it results in another Ice Age destroying Earth. The only survivors live in the train Snowpiercer which is driven by a perpetual motion engine created by the millionaire Wilford (Ed Harris) that lives in the engine part. In 2031, after seventeen years, there is a fight of classes inside the train since the oppressed lower class lives in dreadful conditions in the last wagons of the train while the elite lives in the front wagons. The lower class is fed with protein bars only; they are oppressed and punished by Minister Mason (Tilda Swinton) and her brutal guards; and their children are taken every now and then when they reach a certain height. The leaders Gilliam (Sir John Hurt), Curtis Everett (Chris Evans), and Edgar (Jamie Bell) are plotting a scheme to reach the engine and talk to Wilford about their conditions using the addicted security engineer Namgoong Minsoo (Song Kang-ho) and his clairvoyant daughter Yona (Ko Asung) that are imprisoned to open the locked doors. When the son of Tanya (Octavia Spencer), Tim (Marcanthonee Reis), is captured by Mason, they decide to execute their plan. There are many casualties and soon Curtis discovers that they have been manipulated by Wilford to balance the resources in the train, and why the magnate keeps the lower class alive


writers=Benjamin Legrand

director=Bong Joon Ho

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There is also plenty of class warfare, as Evans advances from the steerage section in the back of the train towards the engine, encountering murderous school teachers, middle class passengers, and the effete degenerate rich. Food symbolism is important. Evans works his way up the food chain by fighting past protein bar assembly lines, greenhouses, meat lockers and sushi bars. It is amusing that he finds nutrition bars made from insect protein disgusting even though he has eaten babies, as we find out later in the film! Baby meat=yes, Insect=no, what a picky American eater we have here.

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This is one of those films that many will love if they’re willing to embrace the surrealism despite the critical flaws, and others will hate because the message is just too obvious, and the delivery not surreal enough to make up for it.
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The snow-piercing train is surreal metaphor: you can move forward in it, but it’s going in a circle. The problem with this class warfare epic by Korean director Bong, featuring Chris Evans as the hero and Ed Harris in a cameo as the mysterious train conductor antagonist, is that it is not surreal enough.

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There is plenty of surrealism in this film: tunnel aquaria built into train wagons, clockwork train mechanisms with small children inserted into them as parts, a wagon-full of Ninjas equipped with night vision goggles, white landscapes of a frozen Earth through which the train hurtles.
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The real problem is that the setting is so contrived (a train hurtling around a frozen Earth for 17 years, requiring no repair of tracks and impervious to frozen ice boulders covering the rails, which are pierced like paper bags) that the film really needed to go for surreal all the way. And that it did not. There is too much conventional action movie, soap-operatic petty betrayal, the-villain-that-does-not-stay-dead, and other worn clichés embedded in this film. The viewer does not get a chance to become one with the surreal atmosphere, as one can sitting at the Prado in front of a Salvatore Dali painting or a work by Hieronymus Bosch.

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